Salvage Smart Car

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Kind of a random one...

Looking for someone who has access to salvage cars.

Looking for a Smart Car, doesn't need to run, frame must be straight still, Body is ok.

I see quite a few on auction sites but I dont want to keep having to join these sites.

Looking to pay about 3k for one.

email me
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HOW many Hayabusa engines are you planning on dropping into this soon-to-be track terror? :)
A friend saw one at Barrys-U-Pull it in Mobile, AL. If you call and they say they do not have one, reply and I will go there. They are hesitant about releasing info on the phone so that people have to come to their yard and walk around.

Here is their information.
Friend said it was Red/Black and looked like it was hit lightly in the front. IE everything look to be still attached.

Barry's U Pull It Auto Salvage
5385 Barry dr
Theodore, AL 36582
(251) 653-2925

Good luck. I'll try to get some pics if I can get by there today.
if are are going the busa route...I got a few engines for sale..from mild to name it.
^DITTO! Please keep us updated. I am very curious to know the finished cost. This is going to become more and more common in the next 5+ years when the resale makes the earlier ones very cheap...can't wait. :)
when I am done and bored with my 700whp busa...that motor is going to end up in a smart car.
how much are used smart cars going for thesedays?

you can also do an mr2 engine swap.

but i want to do the busa...I have more knowledge with that motor
David is this for what I think its for?
^^^^^^^ hehehe me likey
Drifting a GXSR powered Smart…hats off to the driver…looked like it wanted to flip a few times
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