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"Each of our shorts are cut and sewn in New York City and have a character unique to the fabric from which they were made. Because of this, we have shorts for all occasions. Whether it’s a seersucker for lounging by the beach or a summer wool for a more formal get together, we believe that you will find something appropriate for all types of summer activities.

The name Recession Rags is relevant to the current global economic situation, but it also references another important time in our nation’s history. During the Great Depression, American citizens were encouraged to send excess fabric from their own clothing to aid in making blankets for our military. “Sew for Victory” and “Salvage Scrap” were slogans that began surfacing on posters around the country to mobilize people to take action.

These and hundreds of other posters were part of The Federal Arts Project, in which thousands of unemployed artists were paid by the WPA to print posters and paint murals across the country. It was one of the most significant public art projects in our country’s history. To carry on their message, Recession Rags resurrects many of these forgotten posters on our t-shirts."

-Recession Rags
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