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What: 1/4 Mile Drag & Roll Racing (additional distance to accommodate rolls)
When: Friday September 13, 2013 - 9:00a-5:00p
Where: Maryland International Raceway - 27861 Budds Creek Rd, Mechanicsville, MD 20659


Slipstream Racing is proud to announce that it has partnered w/ East Coast Supercharging, Pro Tuning Freaks, and Undercover Performance to bring you this year's second Dig or Roll® event. Finally get that grudge match settled once and for all, see how you car stacks up to other benchmarks, or just drive as fast as you can in a controlled environment - above all HAVE FUN!

1 flat price for a full day racing (dig, roll, or both) including a fully catered lunch. We are limiting this event to 80 cars per day and expect to sell out quickly.

Two FULLY PREPPED lanes (will be reprepped throughout the day as needed/requested) with FULL TIMING for 1/4 mile digs and MPH READOUT for rolls.

What is 'dig' racing? Traditional 1/4 mile race from a standstill using a light tree.
What is 'roll' racing? Moving start at a predetermined speed with your opponent (between ~30-60MPH)
What cars are allowed to race? Any and all vehicles at all power levels, but note that most cars will be in the 450-1000HP range.
How many races am I allowed? As many as you'd like for either style. As with our last event we have set a cap on the number of racers for the day to ensure that everyone gets to race until they drop. :party0030:
Are helmets required? Yes, Snell 2005 and up.
Can I pay at the gate? We are trying to plan for this, but at this time the answer is NO.
Are convertibles allowed? Yes, but only with factory or aftermarket roll protection.
Does my car need any modification to race? Absolutely not.
How safe is this for me and my car? While the launch from dig racing can put more wear on the components of your vehicle, rolling starts are much safer and are really no different than doing a highway run. At the track safety is a top priority and every measure has been taken to ensure that the event is as safe as possible.
Feel free to PM or post in the thread for all other questions.

Racer - 1 car + 1 driver + catered lunch - $275
Spectator - 1 individual spectator + catered lunch - $45
*Prices will increase after 12:00AM September 4, 2013
**Group Rates available for parties of 10 or more
***Attendees of D.O.R. 1 receive a special discount - E-Mail [email protected]

Plenty of pictures from our past event are posted on our Facebook and Instagram accounts (SlipStreamRE), but for those of you anti-social media I'll be sure to post some highlights in this thread.

So what are you waiting for, don't miss out an awesome day of racing with great people and some of the area's sickest cars :drink:
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