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For those known to the world of sports cars there is truly one ultimate German sports car that survived its heritage and extended its existence in a wide variety of versions. We all know it as the 911, currently available as the second generation 997 model. For decades the highlight of the 911 line-up has been the 911 Turbo. The second generation of the 997 Turbo is around for a couple months now, enough reason for us to head down to southern Germany where the tuners at TechArt handed us the keys to a 997 Turbo MkII they just modified.

But before we share you our experience with the TechArt model, we will refresh your memory about what forms the core of this beast. The second generation Porsche 997 Turbo has a brand new engine, something unique in the 911 Turbo’s 35-year history, a 3.8 liter flat-six outfitted with a twin-turbo. The new engine increases the displacement and pushes the levels of drive-ability to new heights. The 911 Turbo – both coupe and convertible – has become one of the more everyday usable sports cars. This thanks to its reliability, build quality and compact size, but not to forget also to its sheer speed potential.

Read the complete review, see 32 high-res pictures and a video of the test!
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