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RENNtech just wrapped up yet another Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. As many enthusiasts know, the SLR McLaren packs quite a punch in stock form. However, only a select few have experienced what RENNtech can do to transform the SLR into an absolute animal. This particular rare example is so raw and so visceral at speed, that it’s at that very brink of being an untamable yet insatiable beast on the road. The massive power and torque gains demand 100% of the drivers attention when accelerating anywhere between half and full throttle. It’s truly an experience that can’t be captured any other way than being strapped in the driver’s seat. Until that day comes, check out the video of this RENNtech transformed SLR.

RENNtech SLR McLaren modifications:
This particular vehicle is now pushing out an astounding 755 HP and 735 LB-FT through the 5.5L Supercharged V-8.
The individual performance upgrades include ECU Tuning, Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers, Intercooler Upgrade Kit, Larger Pulley, Transmission Upgrade and 100% Locking Limited Slip Differential.

For more information, please visit the RENNtech SLR McLaren product overview page here: SLR McLaren (2005-2011)

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