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Our full carbon fiber front lip spoiler offers aggressive front end styling and increased down force for improved handling.

Integrated into the flat panel underbody tray are functional channels which allow cooling air to be directed to the front brakes to significantly increase brake cooling and reduce heat fade and pad wear.

Price: $2,980

Our rear diffuser is the companion component to the front splitter and functions to decrease drag and increase down force by improving the underbody airflow and its transition to ambient air.

As with the front splitter, our diffuser is the result of countless hours of design and testing, but isn’t just for looks...

Integrated into the true double decker rear diffuser are air channels to dramatically reduce turbulent underbody air as well as a dedicated channel to direct air to the rear differential oil cooler, thus decreasing thermal stress on drive line components and allow for significantly cooler operating temperatures.

Price: $3,250

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