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If you’re a car enthusiast around here, chances are you’ve seen what M&D Exclusive Car Design can do. It’s always impressive work. But recently they’ve outdone themselves.

They took a factory-model Mercedes-Benz SL500 and transformed it into a beautiful Black Edition widebody. It’s a masterpiece.

Here’s what they did:
- They equipped it with sweet Rennen Forged Wheels – custom made, of course – with steplip, 20x10 up front and 21x13 in the back. They are a matte black face with red-coated register; there are black show bolts and the steplip is glossy black for extra menace.
- They wrapped these forged wheels in Continental CONTISportContact 5P 255/35/20 and 325/25/20.
- They gave her a custom stainless steel exhaust with AMG 65 tips with a modified diffuser.

They gave it some extra pizzazz, too:
- The exterior was painted diamond pearl white with a black roof.
- The interior was decked out in red Lamborghini leather, with black diamond stitching all over the seats, doors and ceiling.
- They put in an AMG 63 shift knob.
- The start button was removed entirely from the old shift knob. They transferred it to the new dashboard that they completely refurbished.

This car is amazing. The wheels are key. They are the perfect icing on a perfect cake. These wheels drive the color choices and give this car an aggressive appearance no one wants to mess with.

The Rennen Forged Wheels are 6061-T6 forged aluminum, a lightweight but very strong material. You can drive this car like you’re in a Mad-Max desert dystopia but you can still park it to be seen and show up to the VIP room.

If you don’t yet know M&D, get over there stat to see what they can do for your ride.

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