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Is there a single solitary element worn by a head-turning show car – or street car, for that matter – more eye-catching than a set of massive wheel well-filling, factory diameter-busting rims? That low-slung look…that uber-aggressive appearance when giant tires and wheels create a hunkered-down stance immediately recognizable to other automotive enthusiasts…the undeniable visual announcement that this ride is something far more special than “stock.” If there’s any wheel manufacturer that understands the needs of the “large diameter rim fanatics” demographic, it’s Rennen International.

In this spirit, Rennen’s representatives are proud to announce the arrival of the brand-new 19-inch CRL-55 wheels, a model that joins a long and illustrious line of outstanding rims which began life in a 20-inch version. With the passage of time,Rennen crafted larger, more aggressive diameter variants of the 55s, culminating with last year’s launch of the rims in 21 and 22-inch sizes – and, due to the overwhelming feedback from aftermarket enthusiasts, the company decided to offer the wheel in a more budget-friendly 19-inch version.

Enter the all-new CRL-55 19’s, available in 19 x 8.5 and 19 x 9.5 configurations and in a stunning new finish, Satin Gloss Graphite, which compliments an already beautiful selection that includes Satin Black Machined and Silver Brushed. What’s more, the new CRL-55s, in typical Rennen tradition, can be custom-tailored and drilled to perfectly fit your vehicle.

See these new beauties for yourself by visiting your local Rennen dealer.

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