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Our Main booth housed a raging Lamborghini Huracan built by IMS Automotive Design that was blowing auto show goer’s minds once making their way completely around it.

On the driver’s side are brushed red Rennen Forged R10 wheels, while on the passenger side the Rennen R10’s are brushed gold. Which lead to a lot of people to voice their opinion on what they thought looked best.

Next to the Huracan was a Nissan GT-R equipped with a Liberty Walk Complete body kit wrapped in a matte black vinyl. The 24kt gold Rennen Forged R55 wheels really pop off of the matte wrap. The gold accents really bring this vehicle together.

In the center of our booth we had one display a few of our newest wheel designs including the Rennen R52 & R53.

In the foreground we had one display our MV11 & MV6 featuring a carbon fiber barrel.

Following the GT-R was a marvelous Nardo Gray Audi RS7 on 21” Rennen CRL55 Wheels in a ravishing purple finish, the lime green calipers are a nice burst of color on the muted yet breathtaking finish. Owned by Empire Hand Carwash & Ceramic Coating.

Capping off the end of this booth was a twin turbo Underground Racing Audi R8 owned by Team Insanity Racing pushing over 1,250hp on 1pc forged Rennen Monolicht M50 Racing Wheels in a magnificent brushed bronze.

Holding down the adjacent booth was our Jeep SRT-8 making a little over 1,000hp. The Rennen Monolicht M55 wheels are lightweight and strong enough to hold down the power and weight of this vehicle. They’re finished in a beautiful brushed cognac. All this horsepower ensures his children will never be late to any soccer game, play dates and unfortunately for them school too.

An escalator ride and a quick walk away we had on display Nick’s Mobile Detailing Nissan GT-R freshly vinyl wrapped on Rennen RL05 in brushed gold.

Upstairs from this was DJ Magic from Hot 97‘s C7 Corvette sitting on Rennen Monolicht M51 wheels with brushed satin rose gold face and high luster rose gold windows.

A couple of booths away we had an Aston Martin Vantage on Rennen CRL55 wheels all murdered out with red accents.

Once the Dub Show rolled in the New York International Auto Show was flooded with even more Rennen wheels. Saying hello with both Falcon wing doors open is the Tesla Model X sitting on Onyx Luxury 909 in a brushed red tint.

Next up was an Acura NSX in Casino White Pearl sitting on 24kt gold Rennen Forged R55D wheels with red bolts.

Next to this was a white Rolls Royce Dawn on Rennen Monolicht M6 in candy apple red.

Rounding off the Dub Show was our BMW i8 decked out with the Energy Motorsports Widebody kit. The Rennen Forged RL51 wheels look fantastic in the i8 frozen blue with the Crystal White Pearl Metallic paint.

Thanks for all those who stopped by our booth to show support!​
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