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Rennen Forged and Prior Design teamed up and this Ferrari has been turned into something that ought to be parked up and put on display with a sign saying “Do not touch”. Out of the gate the Ferrari 458 is an amazing piece of eye candy but when two superpowers like Rennen & Prior Design team up things are certain to get a little crazy.

Our friends over at Prior Design added some width to body of this ride with the addition of their aero kit once the aero-kit was installed satin pearl white vinyl wrap was firmly wrapped around the hips of this 458. Which is then highlighted with black and red accents throughout. Inside these newly widened hips are some custom 21x9 and 22x12.5 Rennen Forged RL55 wheels in an amazing candy apple red. These reverse lip Rennen wheels give the Italian exotic a forceful stance and adds some footing to hold down the 500+hp being produced.

Rennen Forged wheels are manufactured out of 6061-T6 produced aluminum, a lightweight metal that gives the edges amazing solidness and lightweight qualities, and the RL55's on this Ferrari 458 are the same. All Rennen Forged wheels are made in the U.S. what's more, are made to be completely customizedby the owner.

Check out the video below to see this glorious Ferrari 458 running the boulevards of Las Vegas.

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