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After selling out in record time we are happy to announce that we now have fully restocked the Rennen CSL 1, CSL 2 & CSL 5. Just like the first time; these wheels will not last. We are taking pre-order deposits for you to reserve your own set.

Rennen CSL 1 (Above)

Rennen CSL 2 in Spanish Gold (Above)

Our wheels are stocked in blanks and are custom built to specification, offering a wide variety of fitment configurations for most makes and models. Rennen goes to great lengths to ensure the best look and fitment for your custom vehicle.​

Rennen CSL 5 (Above)

Not only does this wheel have an elegant design it also features a removable step lip just in case your wheel decides to meet the curb. Rennen International leads the industry in innovation to push the boundaries on what is possible.

Using new technological advances, this wheel series brings all the aesthetics from Rennen's forged wheel line-up to create a stunning step-lip multi-piece look.​
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