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You can trust the Mobile-Addictions for neat, reliable, professional car security and remote starter installation in your vehicle and under the hood.

Here at Mobile-Addictions we will:
Consult with customer to determine mounting location of LED and valet switches
Mount LED and valet switches and route/conceal wiring to control module
Mount antenna and route/conceal wiring to the control module
Mount hood switch and route/conceal wiring into the vehicle
Connect to the following circuits:
Starter kill if applicable
Door trigger if required
Tach if required
Ignition one, accessory one and start one power wires
One additional power circuit ignition or accessory or starter
Constant power
Parking lights (Additional parts may be required)
Mount/conceal control module
Test all functions
Demonstrate unit to customer
Some installations may require additional charges*


*Additional charges: A materials charge of $5 per vehicle will be assessed at time of installation. Standard installations do not include any vehicle-specific parts or accessories (for example: wiring harnesses, antenna adapters, wired FM modulators, etc.). Additional charges will be assessed for vehicle-specific parts and accessories or for any non-standard installation. Mobile-Addictions will provide an estimate to you prior to performing work that requires an additional charge.

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I used to have this on my old 323 & Navigator, this is a must for the upcoming Winter mths! I can't do it now b/c its not an auto and I always leave the car in gear...

people should jump on this!
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