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Hello L4P,

Were glad to be here we are Del Rey Customs and we do some cool stuff to cars. We had the opportunity to work on a car that came over from RDBLA for a Member of a professional basketball team here in Los Angeles. We Added some cool accessories to the car with some custom LED fog light and Turn signal LED upgrades and the first Stage was a Custom audio system which we do very well. We were on a budget and want to get the best bang for the money. The 2 things we need to keep in mind was saving as much trunk space as we could and a quick turn around time.

We kept it simple with a combination of JL audio and Focal. We did go with the Rockford Fosgaste 360.3 processor which we are experts in tuning and decided to do everything drop in keeping the original navigation system.

System Consist of
Focal 165KR2 front Componets with a 690AC in the stock locations. Upgrading the Factory Tweeter, Mid rang in the front and 6X9 in the back.

JL Audio Amps Slash Series 600/1V3 and 300/4V3 as well as a JL audio Stealth box with the 12W6 Stealthbox.

Simple clean and efficent.

Here is a video of the final install of the first round of upgrades.

Next round will be some Strobe lights and custom Exhaust upgrades to complement the Kenne Bell Supercharger that puts the ZL1 well in the 700HP game.
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