race Gas + 91 = ??

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So I found a station right by my house that has all the way upto 122 leaded and methyl fuel

My question is what happens if I add 122 leaded fuel into my 91 unleaded?
Will this do anything on performance or will it screw with my car?
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what gas? which company? O2 added?

there are so many variables to race gas...the octane rating does not mean squat. engine not tuned for race gas will make less power on it because of an incomplete burn. higher octane fuels are resistant to detonation....but also resistant to burn.
I dont know about new engines...but can a turbo bmw be tuned to run c16? its leaded.

one good option is 109e from vp...its unleaded, oxygenated. and has ethanol in it...keeps your engine cool. nice weight too (800 at 60)

I have alway run vp and have a tank and fuel pump at my ranch that carries vp109
I run vpm5 on my camaro, c-16 on my vette, and the regular motorsport 109 on almost all my race 751whp turbo busa uses the vp100.

the best vp ever was the old 104...they dont make it anymore.
we ran C16 on our black evo. But it did have an HKS Gt30 upgrade and a full tune. Dyno'd 450hp

no emmisions i assume?
no e85 fans?
i like the vp109e....has ethanol in it.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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