Question About "Occupancy Prohibited"

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My girlfriend bought a house mid last year, since we have been here a house across the st has had an "Occupancy Prohibited" sign on the house and we have yet to see anyone go in or out of the house. From the outside it looks like it's in decent condition.

The area where we are has a high volume of renter and I would be interested in trying to acquire the property for investment.

How would I go about obtaining the necessary info on this house since it's not listed for sale. I would like to be able to see why Occupancy is Prohibited and possibly who owns it in order to make an offer and such.

Any thoughts?
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Without doing proper research I just am reiterating what others have said.

Mold and structural damage come to mind, then other factors such as meth labs and/or crime scenes. However I'd assume with crime scenes their'd be some sort of police activity.

As UV mentioned, pull a property profile. You can contact your local title & escrow office and they will be able to assist.

Also, you mentioned it wasn't listed. I would still contact a Realtor who can give you its listing history and/or if its a "pocket listing" aka discrete and published nowhere.

If nothing has been recorded with the county then you will not see anything on the property profile or with the building department.

It is public record for who the owner is, you may be able to find him and call him directly.

Also, if you'd like, you can pm me the address and I'll see what I can find.

Go get em Waldo!
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