Question About "Occupancy Prohibited"

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My girlfriend bought a house mid last year, since we have been here a house across the st has had an "Occupancy Prohibited" sign on the house and we have yet to see anyone go in or out of the house. From the outside it looks like it's in decent condition.

The area where we are has a high volume of renter and I would be interested in trying to acquire the property for investment.

How would I go about obtaining the necessary info on this house since it's not listed for sale. I would like to be able to see why Occupancy is Prohibited and possibly who owns it in order to make an offer and such.

Any thoughts?
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mold damage, structural damage are two things that come to mind
yea those come to mind but at the same time, it's a row home, so why wouldn't the adjoining homes be in a similar situation? the house is also on a negative sloped hill so water really should accumulate...not saying that it wouldn't but it would be less likely.

My thought is that it had horrid living conditions or there was an issue w/ water or electric.

Upon closer inspection the sign is dated from 06!!! I just can't believe it's sat for so long on the street.
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