Quality steering wheel covers

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I was looking to order a quality leather steering wheel cover. I picked up one at Auto Zone that I can live with, its padded so it has a nice grip to it. Most of the leather ones I saw had no padding and were very hard. I drove my friends Chrysler 300 SRT8 and the steering wheel it had was amazing. Soft padded leather nice stitching.

Is there any vendors I can order from that you are familiar with, or maybe for the locals, are there any spots in Brooklyn that sell quality covers?

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Oh, you mean something like this!
Haha yea just like that.:lol:

I have a vanilla 300c but I don't have the sick SRT8 Steering wheel. My steering wheel is just plain hard.
I think Giot's garage has some. But I don't think it's padded.
just buy a new wheel. covers suck!
just buy a new wheel. covers suck!

Got a link for wheels that would fit? Thats a good idea I admit I did not think of, LOL.
what kind of car?

i love momo wheels
chrysler 300
i think you need that srt wheel to keep your airbag
i think you need that srt wheel to keep your airbag
sounds about right... but im wondering if any other chrysler wheels are interchangeable.

Those 300 airbags and sensors are a pain in the ass. I got my dad one, and its nothing but issues
Ill stick with the crap wheel cover for now
Covers? Here you go...VERY attractive, and popular in third world countries, and few lost souls in NA ! Lovely stitching by boyscouts going for a merit badge! :barf:

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Keep it Master P - get the wood grain.
grippin' the grain! :lol:
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