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Hello everyone! my name is Brandon and my friend told me to check this site out. i live in sunny socal and love going to car events. Im new to this forum and have been lurking for a couple hrs and thought i would throw a thread for my whip on here. there are so many nice cars on here! Hope u guys enjoy!

This is my car, its a 2007 Mini Cooper. I bought it brand new back in 07 and it is my baby. It started its life completely stock and has been a work in progress.

Photos from an LA photo shoot with some guys and stanceworks

My Build thread: please try not to cringe at the first few pages, i was young and my sense of cool was obviously far far out there....
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Thanks for the kind words everyone! so you guys have a socal chapter?

here are two more pics i found on the camer

Mod list:
Jcw stage 2 body kit
Jcw stage 2 wing
Vmaxx coilovers
Volk vr-x10 re-drilled 17x8 & 17x9 et 37
3mm spacer all around
Stretched on flakens
Magnaflow custom catback exhaust
Specture intake system
Shroth 2inch harnesses
Black out exterior
HID 35w 6000k.
Led fogs
Led interior
Rotorworks rotors
Stop sign skid plate
Rear wiper delete
Euro arches
Orange blinker delete
Jcw upper grill surround
Joey mod headlights

I think that's it but may have forgotten a few things

Next mods:
Corbeau fx1 seats
Jcw alcantera steering wheel
Devils own meth injection kit

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Funny missed your thread on MU.......those rims look so much better than your old ones. Nice stance too! Bet Mike misses them.......
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