Premier Again Fixing Another Installer's Work

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This particular customer contacted us one month ago and wanted us to "beat" or "match" another company's pricing for a clear bra installation. The other company is fairly close to us. Premier has been in this industry since 1997 and the longest of any company in this industry. Our policy is that we set our own price standard and do not take into consideration of other company's pricing.

Moving forward, the owner of this vehicle decided to take the vehicle to this other company. After 3 trips to this same company to get the product reinstalled - yes 3 times, the installer stopped responding to his phone calls. He decided to finally contact us and have us redo the work.

Here are the before shots:

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We see this on a daily basis, and the general sentiments are:

1. Quality is assumed to be the same. In this case, the installer told the customer that he could do the same type of "custom" work as Premier.

2. Pricing is a good indication of the quality of work performed. Many new installers would price their jobs at a rate far below market average so that they can generate more experience and business. This in turn, will attract those who are very price conscious.

This is the ordeal this customer had to go through:

1. After the first installation, he was not happy about and brought it back to this installer. The installer then reapplied it. - 5 hours + 1.5 hr for travel

2. Just days after the 2nd install / trip to the installer's shop, issues arose once again and the owner was very dissatisfied. - 5 hours + 1.5 hr for travel

3. Brought it back the 3rd time, and this time, the installer wanted to charge him more because he did not realize how difficult this job would be (sign of lacking experience). The owner of the vehicle found this unacceptable to upcharge after the fact and made the installer redo it. 5 hours + 1.5 hr for travel

4. After the 3rd installations (which would be the install in the photos above), the owner of the car contacted this installer again. The installer now does not answer his phone calls and the owner of the vehicle cannot even get a refund.

5. Owner of vehicle decides to bring his vehicle by to our facility to get it redone.

Total amount of time wasted:
Approximately 20 hours + the added stress just to save a few hundred dollars.
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I think it's hard for most people to understand that while the products may be close to the same, they are not the same, and with products like these, the installer matters.

As for cost, we are all cost conscious. When I went with Premier to replace some of my protection film I made a point not to price shop. The decision was made based on recommendations from trusted friends who respected their cars as much as I do.

For window tinting, I read some of the threads about Premiers product. Watching them tell customers "Sorry, we don't have a master installer available" and turn down customers said a lot to me.

I had no idea who Premier was, or what value they would provide until someone suggested them to me. Premier has built their reputation with their clients and must get a good amount of business from word of mouth. I will certainly suggest them to my friends.
Thank you very much! We look forward to replacing the existing film on your car at a later date.
tell owner to cancel that cc payment. ;)

Do not think the customer cares too much about the refund at this point. He is glad that his car is right now.
Just a few more shots of the finished product:

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