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A plant in the DFW area was shut down by the FDA, one of the changes in order for the plant to be allowed to operate is a restructuring of facility employees. I was offered a higher position at the plant but it involves moving from Chicago to DFW, the plant is actually in Plano, TX. Any suggested areas to look at for? Things to avoid? How cheap or how much of an increase am I looking at for cost of living? For instance what is the price of gas? I'm currently paying $3.19 / gal as of this morning. It's just me, the puppy and possibly the g/f, I'm techincally a "College Student" as I'm still on and off taking classes from the local college. How is the local college situation out there? Hopefully Mitch can answer, do I need to FFL all my firearms to TX and then just pick them up? Or can I just pack em up and travel?

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I grew up in the Dallas area and your cost of living if compared to the burbs in Chicago should drop about 20-30% at a minimum and probably about 40% if you previously were living in the city compared to the Plano area.

As for the local colleges there's plenty of community colleges if you're doing pre-requisite coursework or UTDallas there in the area which is easy to access from the Plano area.

If you have a family then Plano would be a great place to live otherwise you may consider living in the North Dallas area where there's a lot more young folks and single folks in the 20s to 30s.

Hope that helps.
Cost of living is cheaper and gas is about the same. As mentioned plenty of colleges, no big recognizeable 4 years with name cache but plenty of cc's etc.

On the guns, it is Texas, hell I think you can still carry in a holster and just strap it to your leg LOL.

I spend a good deal of time out there, one of my business partners lives in Addison and another in Lewisville. It is really flat there and traffic is a bi#%^, yes possibly even worse than Chicago (and I have done business in Chicago and have agents there still). In fact I think I would rather drive in Chicago, minus downtown during 1st pretty weekend after the winter LOL.
If you're wanting to spend more coin for classwork there's always SMU (Southern Methodist University) in the north Dallas area with more name.
There is tons to do in Dallas. only thing it lacks is a beach and mountains lol
I visited Dallas earlier this year and had a great time. I did get to spend time in the traffic as mentioned previously but it seemed to be worse as they were doing construction and a few cars were broken down.

I have been looking to move to the DFW area but finding a job has been the tough part. Searching from Ohio makes it even worse as it seems there are tons of qualified individuals there. I have been using my gf's parents address downtown and still no interest as well. Plano though seems to have a lot of company expansion so maybe my search will pay off soon.
Cost of living is much cheaper! As for the "scene" it is the DFW metroplex. It has something for everyone! I work near Plano in Lewisville. I did not like the chain stores and sometime uppity feel of the area(Plano) so I bought a house in Denton, which is a great college town (University of North Texas).
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