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Recently there was something of a showdown between Porsche and Audi, as to which division of the VW group would be in charge of developing the group's sports cars and large premium sedans.

In the end it was Porsche that won, which means that the marque that many thought might be technologically diluted by VW now looks to have a proud technological future.

This has caused more than a bit of consternation among Audi's brass, who had also petitioned for that role.

What this means for the (wealthy) man on the street, however, is that future Audi sports cars, including the R8, as well as its larger sedans will be developed with a great deal of Porsche engineering.

According to reports, Porsche's development portfolio will comprise not only all of its own vehicles, but also rear- and mid-front-engined Lamborghinis, Audis and even Bentley models.

In order to properly equip Porsche for its newfound responsibility, VW will give it a fresh injection of resources, including new engineers, a design centre and wind tunnel.
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rear- and mid-front-engined Lamborghinis

fvck that...
rear- and mid-front-engined Lamborghinis

fvck that...

This actually comes as a nice turn of events. Porsche's influence is now larger than ever before. Can't wait to see how they handle things!
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