Bugatti Veyron wheel cufflinks?

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Hey guys and gals!

I'm freshly registered here, although I've been visiting the site regularly for the past five years. Like probably most of you, I'm a real car nut, and I've always wanted to work in the creative automotive industry. I've been working as an industrial and automotive designer for five years after university, and now I've decided to go back, to get a Masters degree. I've been properly interested in 3D printing for about 10 years now, and I'm currently investigating how to get the masses hooked to it. The problem is that 3D printing is mostly viable for one-offs and low-volume production, due to the fact that for many products, there are far cheaper methods for mass production. My Master studies will help me change that, which is beneficial for all :)

Now, I'd like to show you what 3D printing for the masses can do at the moment. I've 3D modeled a couple of cufflinks, teamed up with, and last Friday, I got the first examples of this design in the mail! Here they are:


So I was just wondering, I don't have the sharpest nose for business.. Especially finding out if an idea I have could really sell... I'm planning on doing a limited series of cufflinks, with all 9 different wheel designs that Bugatti ever released for the Veyron.. Would something like that be interesting at all? Hope to get some feedback...

As a thank you, here's an impression I made of a Sportwagon version of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia QV!


Best regards from the Netherlands,

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