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So on this Beautiful Porsche 996 C4S wide body we upgraded both of the 3rd brake lights with our DEL Rey Customs LED Porsche turbo lights. We did the Smoke Red in the Back and the Smoke 3rd brake light option

Now the 3rd brake light on the C4S takes 2 of them. one in the body and one in the motorized wing.

The car was the Dark Grey and the lights shaved a full 10 years off the back of the car. We followed it up with the front smoke white side markers to give the car a full LED face lift

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Why the Tail Light Mount Bracket Cracks on the
Porsche 911, 996 Turbo, Turbo S, GT2, C4 and C4S 2001 - 2005
This is a very common failure on these cars
Everyone should have this bracket on their tail lights regardless of whether or not the lights have begun to crack yet or not.

There are basically 4 reasons why the brackets fail.
1. The weight of the rear mounted engine makes the back of the car slam down hard when it goes over bumps in the road.
2. The sporty suspension is stiff and also makes the back of the car slam down hard.
3. The thin plastic mount flange gets brittle and is not the strongest plastic to begin with.
4. There is space between the underside of the engine lid and the top of the mount bracket flange, once the screw loosens or a crack develops, the fixture moves even more and eventually will fall out.
We here at Your Car Care Companion are looking out for you. We have developed a support brace that looks very much like, but better than the stock mount flange but is much stronger and costs hundreds of dollars less than even a used cracked light fixture from an auto recycle center. Everyone with a Porsche 996 Turbo, Turbo s, GT2, C4 or C4S should have this on their tail lights regardless of the condition especially if you track the car. The bracket will be available very soon. We will update.
Don’t wait until your light fixture cracks breaks or falls off in the street or on the track. This solid aluminum brace is excellent for protecting to secure your new lights from damage and prevent your old cracked lights from rattling and falling out like nothing else on the market. You do not need to replace your entire tail fixtures just because the mount brackets are cracked. This is a permanent fix that will support your light fixture better than the original plastic mount. Get yours today and tell a friend!
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