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Hey Members,

We want to introduce to you our public release of our 991 Turbo S remote ECU Tune available now. After dyno trips and research we have finally brought to you all the material to inform you on the results we have achieved. Honestly this platform is very nimble and quick in response but we have been able to bring a night & day difference for you 991 Turbo S. Here is a teaser video before I upload all the specs for our tune. Enjoy and as always feedback is welcomed.

The Velos Designwerks Stage 2 ECU Tune for the Porsche 991 Turbo S is a complete remapping of the DME resulting in gains of over 140 lb ft of torque and 100 Horsepower. With adjustments to fuel, ignition, limiters, and much more the changes to the Continental DME produce impressive changes while keeping the Porsche well within factory safety parameters to produce reliable everyday performance.

For Inquires feel free to PM me for forum pricing​

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Peak gains of over 140 tq & 100 hp
• Custom ECU Tune
• Higher torque over factory settings throught RPM range
• Recalibrated mapping resulting in a smoother and more responsive part throttle transition
• Calibrations available of 91,93 and 100 octane levels (Personal Tuner can be loaded w/ multiple maps)
• Increase rev limiter by 300 rpm (optional)
• Modified Vanos camshaft remapping eliminating rough cold start enable
• Raised RPM thresholds in sepecific gears
• Tech support and assistance
• Remote & Local Install Available
• Ships within 24 hours

Before & After: Stage 2 Torque = yellow curve | Stage 2 Horsepower = blue curve

note – Please notice torque readings on graph via RPM Signal.


Text Green White Line Font


Text Line Green Map Font

Conditions: Over 92 Degrees Fahrenheit & High Humidity (unfavorable conditions, gains expected to be higher in cooler conditions)

Text Line Green Diagram Parallel

For Early Bird Special & Availability Please PM me or give me a call 7864016520[/CENTER]
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