Porsche has previously stated that it planned to have a hybrid version of every model in the near future, including the 911, but the vaunted sports car will have to wait to receive electric motors and batteries.

Speaking with Australia’s Motoring.com at the Paris Motor Show, Porsche’s development head, Michael Steiner, said the company has put a hybrid version of the 911 on the back burner.

“It at least looks like the market potential on a new vehicle with completely electric [drive] is more than another derivative of the 911. We decided we would do the Mission E as our priority one. It’s in serial development,” he said.

The Mission E, Porsche’s first pure electric car is heading for a 2020 arrival date.

The company is hiring 1,400 employees to develop the car and is investing $782 million for a new assembly plant and paint shop in Stuttgart, Germany.

That doesn’t mean a 911 Hybrid is never coming.

“A 911 hybrid? It’s possible, yes. It’s possible to have 918-derived technology in a 911. It’s possible with today’s technology in a 911,” Steiner said. “However, there is no decision to do this on short notice, but we have this constantly on our radar,”

Porsche has already shown hybrid 911 versions with two GT3 R Hybrid race cars.

Plus, earlier spy photographs and videos appeared to be a road going 911 Hybrid testing, but nothing came of that.

Add to that a Porsche patent document that showed a 911 plugged into a charger, and it would appear the company does have serious intentions.

A new 911 is scheduled for 2018, but it is likely if a hybrid is included in the company’s plans, it won’t show up until 2020.

Why 2020? That’s when new stringent European emissions rules kick in.