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You might be thinking of using Platinum Executive Travel for luxury car hire, but after reading Platinum Executive Travel reviews, you might not be too confident of the reliability of the brand. Who among us hasn't dreamed of getting behind the wheel of a luxury Lamborghini Aventador?

Plenty of people use Platinum Executive Travel on the most important day of their life - their wedding - or to ensure another celebration, such as a birthday or anniversary, is as memorable as possible. This could be a terrible mistake - this Birmingham luxury car hire firm could ruin your big day, and make it memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Platinum Executive Travel - withholding deposits

Take my unnamed friend's Platinum Executive Travel review. He gave the company several thousands of pounds as a deposit for a luxury car. When he was initially hiring the car for a relative's wedding, he was impressed by how friendly everyone was; they took every step to make certain that he felt comfortable laying out such a huge deposit, and tried to put his mind at rest by telling him that he would receive every penny of the deposit back once they received the car.

But when they turned up to pick up the car afterwards, the tone was much more menacing. They made as many excuses as possible to avoid giving my friend any of the deposit back, including suggesting that he had broken the speed limit, and therefore he had forfeited any right to his thousands of pounds.

He later learned that these bully tactics were not unusual - despite being owned by multi-millionaire Saleem Iqbal and managed by his son 'Lord' Aleem Iqbal, neither of whom have any need for money - Platinum Executive Travel regularly bully young and old people alike to make them hand over sizable deposits, regardless of whether their car has sustained any damage.

Other people have said in Platinum Executive Travel reviews that the company actually takes a customer's money, then when they near the final destination, threaten to stop and not complete the journey until the customer pays them extra, essentially intimidating people out of hundreds of pounds. Would you feel comfortable in a luxury car surrounded by strangers who are threatening to leave you on the roadside unless you hand over a wad of cash?

Don't allow yourself to get mugged off by these intimidating and nasty people; they're only after your cash! There are plenty of other Birmingham luxury car hire firms around - get in touch with one of them instead!
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