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First and foremost, I know jack crap about aftermarket sound systems. I'm not an audiophile, so as long as I get a decent sound, I'll be more than happy.

I've already decided to go with Pioneer's A-Series 5-way 6"x9" speakers for the rear (some cutting required) and definitely want to keep the 5.25" size up front. My question, though, is which 5.25" speakers should I go with?

I think I want to keep it in the A-Series range, so I'm looking at the following two:

TS-A1305C - 5.25" component speakers with separate tweeters.

TS-A1375R - 3-way 5.25" speakers.

I was considering the 3-way speakers so I don't have to bother mounting tweeters. That and they're a bit cheaper. :dunno:

I was told to run a 750W amp to boost everything up a bit and really bring out the 6"x9"s bass (which I'm not looking for a ton of bass; about 15-20% more than what my E46 had). I'm not sure what kind of amp I'd like to run, but I was told it needs to be a 4-channel. Does it need to be bridgeable?

Any and all help is appreciated.
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