Why have one when you can have three! That is exactly what the designers for this estate in Sardinia, Italy were thinking when they created this spectacular place for guests to swoon over.

For $65,000 weekly, you can call this six-bedroom, nine-bathroom place home and take advantage of its great views, contemporary decor and awesome pools.


With its modern interior and breathtaking views, we wouldn’t be surprised if this place was constantly slammed with back-to-back bookings!


The bedrooms are just as sleek and swanky, offering bold statement pieces among an otherwise ordinary room, like these stunning four-poster canopy beds.


The bedrooms featuring two single beds are also the perfect rooms for the rugrats to play, sleep and do whatever the heck kids do nowadays (is Pokemon still cool?)


The bathrooms are just as breathtaking with there sleek tiled floors and walls and huge walk-in showers.


But the belle of the ball (besides the triple pools of course) would have to be the courtyard which is so large, you should probably use the provided golf carts to head over to the beach cabana, which includes a summer kitchen and pontoon dock. Oh, and did we mention you get your own tennis court?


Should you wish to spend some time indoors rather than allow your fair skin to be exposed to the harsh sunlight, this beautiful property has a gym with an indoor pool as well as a sauna to tickle your fancy.


If you’re looking to throw a party in Italy, this is the place to do it.


Seriously, these views are unreal! Hurry up and book this place before its too late!


[Source: JamesEdition