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I just got myself into Photoshop and started playing around with a few pictures of my old 911. Don't know if anyone else is in to the same thing, but its quite addictive. It's also quite good for looking at how your Porsche would look if you did some mods.

Here's a pic of my 911 with Chromed paintwork.

If anyone else has done the same thing please post them here....
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I only have a limited version - Photoshop elements 3.0...
That looks brilliant. Makes mine look abit beginerish by comparison. I like the lowered look and the wheels tucked under the arches. Brilliant.
Thanks Guys. I didnt read a book, I just kept playing and finding out what things do. There are also some youtube videos worth watching.

I did this one today:

The picture was taken against a hanger. I deleted that and added a sky shot I took while at the beach. I have also tried to add some white and orange streaks to the sky. I have also tried to make the windows transparent so you get a feel for the sky through the windows
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I'm still figuring things out. How did you make the paint chrome, or any other color? Help is appreciated.
For the chrome, I selected with the lassoo tool all the panels I wanted to chrome, then copied them to a new layer. Then it was a matter of fiddling with the levels and colour saturation. Its not an exact science for the chrome effect, you just have to keep adjusting until it looks right. As I de-saturated the colour it starts to appear chrome.
you still have a reflection on the side on car, the sky layer isnt trimmed enough at the bottom and lighting effect isnt even through the picture. overall not to bad of a job.

Yeah, im still learning. The reflection is a tough one for me. Have you any advice how to get rid of it. I tried adding a layer over the car panels and colouring it the same as the car using the colour picker. I tried then using the multiply effect, but it didnt look quite right, so I took it off.
Decided to have another play today. I took an image of my car and removed the background and added some sky and a moon. Also removed some reflections from car and played around with the contrast

I then had a play with the red and ble channels in the colour of the sky and added a lense flare

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Thanks Guys. Its an old version of photoshop elements. Version 3.0. Still quite powerful though....
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