Photoshop Porsche

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I just got myself into Photoshop and started playing around with a few pictures of my old 911. Don't know if anyone else is in to the same thing, but its quite addictive. It's also quite good for looking at how your Porsche would look if you did some mods.

Here's a pic of my 911 with Chromed paintwork.

If anyone else has done the same thing please post them here....
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Here is a Genesis Coupe I did for a small contest a year or so ago. Lots of "Ferrari" on it. I do more realistic requests for people now and again.

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That looks brilliant. Makes mine look abit beginerish by comparison. I like the lowered look and the wheels tucked under the arches. Brilliant.
Thank you! :bow1:
That is exactly how I learned. I just kept messing with all the options and got creative. is a great site to check out peoples amazing work.

Looking good on the Porsche chops Pete!
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