Photoshoot: R8 GT in Suzuka Matte Grey (#278/333)

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I just finished editing this first shot from my most recent shoot:

I frequently get asked about how I shot the car/what photoshopping tools I used.
So I wrote it all out in a brief discription on my blog for those that are interested:

If anyone has any further questions or comments I'd be more than happy to answer them here as well :)

Much more coming soon!
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Man oh man...such a beautiful example of a R8!
wow. an amazing car and shot. excellent, excellent shot.
That picture is incredible!
Yet another example why suzuka is one of my favorite colors. A piece of CC would be to remove the grass blur at the bottom of the rear bumper.
Beautiful shot !
2222222222222222222222222222222 SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK
Suzuka Grey is Audi's best color, IMO.
Just finished this shot:

And after many L4P requests I'm finally offering some high res wallpaper you can get here.
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