Petit Le Mans RollCall - Sept 29 - Oct 2

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Who's going?

1. Wickedlysane & ItODDoSpeed
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Looking forward to it!
YES! If there is anything even remotely awesome/strange as we saw Saturday night, the weekend will be EPIC! Are you planning on going Friday also?
It will be my first event that I will be in hospitality as well as helping w trophies...
Finally have my opportunity to be part of the action, so I dont want to miss it!
That sounds like a lot of fun! You'll have to post details afterwards.
I can't make it out this year, I am shooting the Indy race at Homestead
Totally valid excuse - that sounds like a lot of fun too!

3 weeks away!

Anyone else to add to the list? I'll work on an L4P meetup spot and time day of the race once it gets closer.

So excited for a great couple of days of cars and good times!

One week! Forecast for Friday - high of 80, Saturday - high of 75!
Night practice tonight - no track lights, headlights only! Cool weather and fast cars, what more could you want!

5pm can't get here fast enough for me to leave the office and head to the track!
It's a beautiful day for speed!!

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What a great time!

Huge thanks goes out to Shara for picking me up and basically taking care of me the entire trip!! You are awesome and I appreciate it way more than you know.

Great time at the track and meeting up with fellow forum members! Always an awesome time! I'm loving Atlanta more each trip.

Let the countdown for next year begin...
It was no problem - glad to get to hang with you again, next year we will have to be more organized with a central location and SHADE! Don't forget real shoes next time also!

Whitlock - never managed to meet up at the race, by the time we got the 4 wheeler loaded up and ready to head out, we had to get home to the dogs.

It was a great race, beautiful weather and fantastic cars - I have a ton of pics to post.
I was there all day Sat... drank continuously for 12 hours, I seriously don't even know who won.

It was a good time but I think I'm more looking forward to Sebring...
did you hear the collective groan of the crowd when Ferrari ran out of gas during the last lap?
I was sitting on the side facing the esses and heard the groan of the crowd. It was sad and funny at the same time...
We were on spectator hill, watching them come off the esses. That was one of those moments that "make" racing. The podium pic that Jalopnik posted was funny/sad also. I'll link it when I'm not on my phone.
I guess I was on turn 10A? Not a bad spot, and we also got to cruise around a good bit on borrowed golf carts and a Polaris. People don't seem to appreciate it when you drive around beer in hand screaming stuff out of a megaphone. Too bad.
Awesome. Total advantage having an ATV - we had ours and we were able to check out the whole track. It's the way to go! We got honked at a few times for making the most of our agility!

Here's sad Ferrari driver being sad.
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