Perfectly spec'd HGTE

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This is how I'd order one. Red brakes, red stitching. Looks great. Someone should snatch this car up.

Ferrari: eBay Motors (item 130427102502 end time Oct-01-10 07:04:50 PDT)
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Damn, the front grill looks sweet, but I actually like bright colors for the 599. Yellow is hot !!!

Or ALL Yellow ?

What about two-tone ? black 'n white

Or go green.

This blue looks amazing.

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I feel like I saw that interior a few days ago, oh wait never mind that was just some kids Civic, looks the same.
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While I do think colors look good on the 599, Black is just the way to go IMO.
This is just amazing, white with red guts is my pick

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that white looks so good!! besides red thats is my fav color for a ferrari
White w/ Red guts FTW
White or TDF for me
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