The legendary American manufacturer of high performance sports cars will return to the race track in 2017 with the new Avezzano. 

Panoz hasn't been seen with its own car since the premature Abruzzi project in 2010-11, which never actually got off the ground-- since 2013 the company has been campaigning the DeltaWing prototype. The Avezzano will also be the first Panoz road car since the Esperante launched in 2000.

The road-going Avezzano is based around the next-generation of Panoz's extruded-aluminum chassis technology, which features a new rear suspension, with upgraded suspension and brake components. Motivation comes from an 450 horsepower, aluminium block 6.2-liter V8--which Panoz says has Ford roots--hooked to a 6-speed manual transmission.

The race car will feature all-carbon fiber widebody panels, along with a carbon splitter, sideskirts and diffuser. The exhaust will exit just fore of the rear wheels on either side in true GT-style. The Avezzano will compete in the GTS class of Pirelli World Challenge, where it will take on GT4-spec machinery from some of the top manufacturers in the world.

Production of Avezzano street cars has already begun in Braselton, Georgia, with the first customer cars expected by mid-summer.