PAM 360........priceless

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My 360 finally arrived. It is a limited run for the forum. Just wanted to share some pics

10th Anniversary

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Love it V. Did they put your name on the back?
no names blair but they were considering it.
WOW it is astonishing... i love it !

Enjoy !
daddy likey
that is a pretty ass watch dude!
Fantastic looking watch! One to sell one of those three? LOL
Congratulations Verone. That's just about my perfect Panerai. :)
congrats V.....sick watch and wish they called my name for it
Congratulations, V! Enjoy it.
good job V! looks great, simple and clean with the stealth look...congrats!!!
This must be the famous Verone that Mike and Chad (Portland) refer too, I am guessing there aren't 2 paneristi Verone's. Heard nothing but great thing about you and also great thinks about the watch, beautiful piece.

I knew someone out here was going to get that watch. Super cool, congrats for being chosen and acquiring the piece.
Sick V. Congrats!
Congratulations Verone -- that's one beautiful watch!

1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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