Palm Beach Super Car Weekend Thread:Post pics in here

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Here is a special for all L4p members!!!

Morning of PBSW

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will have pics from cavallino and supercar soon! And scud spider!!
Nice Jasen and Mark, lucky you got the CCX without any people!!
I dont know if I even took any...Very disappointed in both shows... :(
I took pics, but agreed on that it wasn't as good as last year.
It was also extremely crowded, which didn't help pictures...!
Here's some pics from the event, still have lots to go through, Cavallino was better than supercar.

My pics of the scud spider aren't great since it was so hard to get a picture in.

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Thanks Zach, I used my 18-105mm lens for most shots and Blake's (Blue4ReF1) and Jasen's (JD121) 10-20mm lens for the shots that look wide angle.
COR... MarkM, Blue4ReF1, Eric and I are at tower shops almost every friday night so when you go let us know :)
Who posted Mine, Blake's Jasen's Mark's and Kevins pics on this german blog? :)

AUTOGESPOT - Foto's Palm Beach Supercar Weekend

they mentioned L4P :)
1 - 18 of 111 Posts
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