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I had recently purchased my 2015 Cayman GTS and one of the first thing that came to mind was how am I going to protect my baby. lol

I knew I wanted to go with some kind of paint protection, but I've seen kits that only partially cover the vehicle. These are know as the pre-cut kits as I was told. I was just about to decide to go with a full body re-cut kit, but I came accross Bemaro Specialty Films and his flawless yelp reviews. He offered a custom kit covering up about 99% of the vehicle, which is exactly what I initially was searching for.

So we agreed to get the job done and was suppose to take about 2 to 3 business days. The job was taken care of in 1.5 days and on the half day he only needed to do some touch ups. This was also done in my garage.

I personally thought Bemaro Specialty Films showed an outstanding service quality and professionalism. Not only that, he put together a very unique video showing every detailed part of the application process.

At first I didn't understand how this company had a flawless ratings. After dealing with them, it all makes sense, the level of cleanliness and organization is top notch. You will not go wrong with Bemaro Specialty Films.

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