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Normally I would introduce our newest sponsor and then go in to informing our members who they are. In this case this sponsor truly needs no introduction as if you smoke fine cigars then you know who Padron is and how their philosophy and brand is 100% L4P material. I would like to personally thank Jeff for taking our cigar community under his wing and I would also like to post his intro.

Well as all of you anticipated and/or expected, I would like to announce that Padrón Cigars is now becoming an official sponsor of I have learned many things from this community
in the short time I have been a member, September of 2009 to be exact. One thing that I have learned is how passionate the L4P family is about all that is luxury and L4P as a community itself. I have been and currently am registered to various forums and none of them come close to L4P in terms of the quality of members and love these members have for there online community. I come from a family of strong tradition and respect, and I have seen this time after time amongst the L4P community. Since I have been a member of “The 4” I have watched the cigar section grow rapidly, actually it stunned me. I would have to say the members active in this section are exceptional and very knowledgeable when it comes down to picking and smoking a great cigar, you all are truly aficionados in my book. It is wonderful to be part of a community so tight and well educated. I would like to quote my grandfather, José O. Padrón, by saying “Quality is a matter of family honor” and you all have truly shown that. Therefore, I would like to thank you all for the warm welcome you extended me when I joined and for letting me become a part of your wonderful community.

-Jeffrey Orlando Padrón

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Looks like Mitch's charm worked better than mine! ;) Welcome Mr Padron to the L4P Sponsorship FAmily aka.. the darkside.. :lol:
Lol.. well lets just say he had good timing! :D
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