p21s TAW as clay lube

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I've been having a problem the last few weeks with my clay "sticking" to the paint. I've never had this issue before, and have been frustrated because my process didn't change at all. I've always used diluted ONR for lube, and Detailers Domain Uber clay, but lately I have been leaving behind some residue when the clay "sticks".

Tonight I tried using P21S TAW instead. I've always noticed the really awesome lubricity of TAW, and diluted it about 5:1 with distilled water. It worked perfectly, so perfect in fact, I don't think I'll go back. TAW is a bit harder to remove, but I always rewash after claying anyway so its not an issue for me.

Anyone else use TAW for a clay lube ever? It's a bit pricey but the dilution helps, and it works so well I think its worth it.
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TAW is a citrus based cleaner, even diluted still IMO its too harsh to use for clay lube, especially because you need to rub the product into the finish.... I can definitely see this causing some haze or "runs" on clear coats that are soft. I have a feeling that TAW will eat through claybars quicker than a traditional lube will also.

I use ONR and it works great, sometimes I get sticking issues not because of the lube but because of the bar itself. If a bar is sitting for a while in a humid place it will get grabby on paint.

Run it under some hot water and mold it around then run it under some cool water before you use it. If the clay is sticking to your hand it will probably get grabby on the paint. See if that works
meguiars last touch

I will use ONR if i run out of last touch, but its much more slick to use LT
I loved Megs LT 1:1, truly a great lube that was cost effective. Took me forever to realize that my 3M tape wouldnt stick to the finish after using it for clay lube, it definitely left some protection on the car and I would use more IPA to get it off. Still good stuff!
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