Overkill: Bat LP 640 – Lamborghini by JB Car Design

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JB Car Design has released their take on the LP 640 Murciélago. The complete progam includes a carbon aero kit limited to only 75 pieces worldwide, made in Germany, and available at the price of € 28,500.

The painting consists of six layers of enamel primer matched to body color and comes with solid clear varnish from € 9,700. According to the tuner, the design of the aero kit LP 640 represents a mix of the Reventon limited edition and the new Murciélago.

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Gross. How does one manage to make a Lamborghini look bad? Seriously.
wow that looks like shit!
wtf!?! They are making baby jesus cry.
To each their own. I can personally say I sort of like the front lip and from the looks of it the rear spoiler looks pretty good. Everything else im not really diggin.
Looks like they went crazy at Auto Zone with a bunch of accesories, however, if someone gave it to me, I'd drive it...
Not a fan

Wheels are hideous too

As is the knitted airbag cover that looks like someones grandmother embroidered.
Poor show.
I feel like they say "limited to only 75 pieces" not to create prestige but because they know that there is no way in hell that they are going to sell more...
Horrible! I can't believe someone would ruin such a beautiful car. But, I agree - to each their own. No offense intended.
Meh...some things pleasantly stand out, but overall it's a bit of an eye sore.
shaking my head at this
I'd take it.

And than have someone remove the kit for me.
So its cheaper to rock an UGR TT kit and some adv1 wheels and PFG flat wrap and still look better????? I think so!
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