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For those who must absolutely, positively flaunt it.
Because Maybachs clearly aren't exclusive enough, the Landaulet Study could very well become the most coveted limousine in the world. By adding a folding black soft-top roof over the passenger compartment of the Maybach 62 S (while the chauffeur's compartment remains enclosed, in true landaulet style), the German super-luxury manufacturer says it has "re-enlivened the great art of building majestic automobiles."

Although the rear of the roof has been chopped off, the side structures remain, invisibly strengthened with integral tubular steel reinforcements. Opening and closing the roof takes 16 seconds, operated by a switch at the hands of the chauffeur.

The rear of the car, including the twin, airliner-like reclining seats, is largely covered with Seychelles white leather; the floor is carpeted with white velour, while trim pieces are of black granite with gold inclusions.

The driver's area has been enhanced with glossy black Stromboli leather, with all the interior trim pieces finished in black piano lacquer. And just to drive the point home that the Landaulet is meant to be chauffeur-driven, the front and rear compartments are divided by a glass partition.

The Landaulet Study uses the same AMG-massaged 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-12 as the Maybach 57 S and 62 S, with 612 bhp and 738 lb.-ft. of torque.
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