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It's Friday... and that means GT3 day here at SharkWerks:D Both cars are new to the Bay Area and you'll likely be seeing them at NorCal's local tracks this weekend. The owner of this white 2008 997 GT3 to start with the SharkWerks exhaust, our larger 88mm RS tips, the EVOMSit software (calibrated for 91 octane), lightweight HRE P40 Monoblok's were installed as well and a few suspension components.

The starting point...

Our exhaust and larger (88mm) stainless steel tips installed:

ECU out of the car and being bench-flashed:

HRE's installed and ready to go to the track:

This Orangina 2007 997GT3RS is heading to T-hill this weekend but not before a bit of track prep (brakes etc...) but also our exhaust:D

Arrival and the laundry list starts:


Fuzzy-James working that lift...

A quick peak to the inside. European RS cage and Euro bucket seats:

Off with the bumper:

On goes the bypass set up (less 17 pounds):

The serial number. Seriously folks thanks so much for the support over the years. I still remember when we made one for our own car and then a couple more for two friends with RS'. It's been fun to watch your responses and shipping them to all sorts of places (Barbados was neat for example!).

James aligning the tips:


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Bumper back on and the car is ready to go to the track...

Well almost... got to add 5HP:

Cheerio and have fun at the track!

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i love the GT3 RS in orange. those exhaust are wicked
Thank you and here's the difference:
YouTube - Porsche GT3 RS With Shark Werks Exhaust Bypass


A bunch!

looks sick and im sure it sounds bananas
Hehe it's pretty fun:
YouTube - Porsche 997 GT3 RS @ SharkWerks after Exhaust modification

nice, thanks for showing...................
You bet!

Why doesn't any just do headers to straight pipes?

As I have said before: your shop is amazing, as well as the work you perform!
Thanks so much and in terms of headers/cats/straight pipes...sadly you loose tq that way on these NA cars;(

Orange!!! :drool:
Yep I can't make up my mind... having green I always look at orange:lol:
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