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I decided to make a run up to my favorite pizza place, Zachary's in San Ramon, when this guy in a truck kept cutting in front of me on I-680. So I punched it, and blasted past him and a few other folks. Not that I was really paying attention to the speedo, but I think I hit 100.

I saw him take an exit, and by that time I'd already gotten ahead of everybody else, so I slowed back down. Then, I see a black van speed up behind me, and and red lights in the grill started flashing.


Cop (I think it was Santa Clara county sheriff) pulls me over and reads me the riot act. Asks me if I know how much that ticket would be. I didn't. Around $450 he says. I'm thinking, I don't care about the fine, because it's the points and insurance that'll kill ya!

Anyway, he asks me what possible reason I had for going so fast like an idiot, and why he shouldn't write me up right then. I told him, no reason, it was idiotic, I let the car get away from me, top down, nice day, etc, etc, etc. He handed me all my ID papers back, and said, "You need to chill out!" and walked back to the van and left.

Wow. Talk about good luck, karma, whatever you want to call it. I gotta pay that one forward. I was stupid and got lucky.

Thank God for lenient cops. He must have been a Porsche fan :)
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