**Official L4P Fantasy Football League 2011**

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League ID: 129222
League Password: L4P2011

Quick Hits:
  • The Host is the NFL, it seems that they've made some nice strides recently and the fantasy league through them looks promising.
  • Our Custom URL is: Luxury4Play Home - - Free Fantasy Football
  • The teams get to review all trades, meaning unfair trades will most likely not happen
  • We can have a maximum of 20 teams
  • It's free
  • Draft Day: Aug 17, 2010 at 8:30pm EDT
Most options I left at the default, except:
  • Blocking a field goal now adds points
  • You can only add a maximum of 3 players a week, making your draft count
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make sure the money goes somewhere safe. i won last year's league only to find out that the "commish" had spent the money due to financial difficulties.
Kye thats not fair that guy paid you. You can accuse him of causing a slight delay in payment. LOL!

This one does not require $$

Hey did we start a real $$ pool this year? Last years was quite fun actually.
I picked 14 correct games out of 16 and still was not in the money this week in my FF league. I gotta find an easier league instead of playing with life long gamblers. How is this league doing?
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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