**Official L4P Fantasy Football League 2011**

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League ID: 129222
League Password: L4P2011

Quick Hits:
  • The Host is the NFL, it seems that they've made some nice strides recently and the fantasy league through them looks promising.
  • Our Custom URL is: Luxury4Play Home - - Free Fantasy Football
  • The teams get to review all trades, meaning unfair trades will most likely not happen
  • We can have a maximum of 20 teams
  • It's free
  • Draft Day: Aug 17, 2010 at 8:30pm EDT
Most options I left at the default, except:
  • Blocking a field goal now adds points
  • You can only add a maximum of 3 players a week, making your draft count
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The draft is Tuesday night, let's get some more people signed up for this!
The draft is tonight guys... Signing up takes less than 5 minutes.

I have some free time, I'll take a look... Even though we dislike the Jets down here.
We need one more person! Draft moved till 9:30pm EST/6:30pm PDT (by NFL) in order for this to happen.

C'mon, it'll take 5 minutes!
make sure the money goes somewhere safe. i won last year's league only to find out that the "commish" had spent the money due to financial difficulties.
Wow, that's horrible. We're doing a free one this year.
Season starts tonight! Good luck everyone!
Here are the standings:
Rank Team W-L-T
1 JasonV 1-0-0
1 Rough Ridders 1-0-0
1 Beaujolais 1-0-0
4 Whitegmc2003 0-1-0
4 senseless1707 0-1-0
4 Sinister Kids 0-1-0
1 Rough Ridders
2 senseless1707
3 JasonV
4 Whitegmc2003
5 Beaujolais
6 Sinister Kids
1 Rough Ridders
2 JasonV
3 Whitegmc2003
4 senseless1707
5 Beaujolais
6 Sinister Kids
1 senseless1707
2 JasonV
3 Whitegmc2003
4 Sinister Kids
5 Rough Ridders
6 Beaujolais
1 - 11 of 23 Posts
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