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I did not see one so here goes.

I am supporting USA obviously and would support Norway if they ever make it in :lol:

Played futbol (soccer) for nearly 10 years.

My bets are riding on The Netherlands and Germany being the two best playing teams thus far. The USA has a good chance too if they can keep the ball more than 30 seconds and away from their goal. Tim Howard has had some phenomenal blocks this years thus far.

The most boring game thus far was Iran and Nigeria. No scores and poor efforts to get any to begin with.

My three teams I am watching/rooting for:

Scores so far for them
Netherlands vs Spain = 5-1 Victory
Germany vs Portugal = 4-0 Victory
USA vs Ghana = 2-1 Victory

Next battles
Netherlands vs Australia = 3-2 Victory today on June 18th
Germany vs Ghana = My bet is Germany on June 21st at 3pm EST
USA vs Portugal = My bet is USA on June 22nd at 6pm EST

Spain (the 2010 World Cup champion) is sucking eggs..... 5-1 loss against The Netherlands and currently 2-0 losing against Chile

Anyone riding on a team and what are your thoughts?
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