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A short movie of a normal week of an airline pilot

First take off from London Stansted
Avoiding some nasty clouds
Overview of the Alps
Sunset above a sea of clouds
London by night followed by the landing back at London Stansted
Few islands in Sweden
Alps again (I can't get tired of them)
Sunset and its very last minutes before the dark night
Approach at Pula in Croatia
Approach and landing at Porto in Portugal
Nice effect of the moisture in the air on that GermanWings' wings
The office
Circle to land at La Rochelle in France
London by day with its London eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace...
CAT III followed by an autoland in London Stansted
And from the outside
Departure from Alghero in Sardenia
Along the Spanish coast, northbound abeam Benidorm
Arrival at Palermo in Sicily

Music : Nirvana Dumb - Muse Time is running out - Coldplay Speed of sound - Nika Costa Everybody got their something - Coldplay Don't panic - Red Hot Chili Peppers Snow

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I really hope they start putting uber wide angel high res HD cams in the nose of planes so that when I'm done seeing all the tv shows and movies I've already seen on the in-flight entertainment I can just watch where I'm going. Especially during take-off/landing, sunrise/sunset, and going over beautiful cloud formations.
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