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Hello L4P members I thought I'd share this event with all looking to get a tune in the south Florida region!

EURO.SPEC will be hosting a dyno tuning event in West Palm Beach from Friday October 29th to October 30th. We will be flying Jeremy of OETuning in for the event and space will be limited. The last couple times we have had these events results have been staggering:

C63 AMG TUNE ONLY = +40hp
SL55 AMG TUNE ONLY = +35hp
CLS55 AMG with 180 PULLEY ONLY + Tune = +60hp
CLS55 AMG (heavily modded) = +160hp
E55 AMG Headers + Pulley + Tune = +70hp
SL55 AMG Headers + Pulley + Tune = +75hp
C32 AMG Intake + Headers = +66hp
PORSCHE Carrera 997 = +18hp
PORSCHE Cayman Turbo = +24hp
BMW M3 TUNE ONLY = +24hp

The results speak for themselves. [email protected] is one of the best in the business and we are proud to be able to bring him here for the South Florida car lovers crowd. We are also tentatively planning a track tuning event for Friday evening October 29th. PM me for details or to get your name on the list!!

[email protected]
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