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Season greetings,

With the holidays right around the corner, what better idea to treat yourself to a flash or dyno tune by OE Tuning to complete your vehicles’ performance. We are offering great deals on all tunes for the holiday season.

E9X M3:
Holiday Special: $750 (flash), $950 (dyno tune) Retail: $950 and $1,250 Approximate Power Gains: 20-25 WHP/ 20lbs tq

E6X M5 & M6:
Holiday Special:$850 (flash), $1,095 (dyno tune) Retail: $1,195 and $1,495 APG: 15-20 WHP/ 30-35 lbs tq

X5M & X6M:
Holiday Special:$1,195 (flash), $1,495 (dyno tune) Retail: $1,595 and $1,795 APG: 80-85 WHP/ 100 lbs tq

E46 M3:
Holiday Special:$350 (flash), $500 (dyno tune) Retail: $495, and $795 APG: 12-15 WHP/ 10-15 lbs tq

All N54 platforms:
Holiday Special$495 (flash), $695 (dyno tune) Retail: $690 and $990 APG: 70-75 WHP/ 100 lbs tq

All NON-M E9X:
Holiday Special$395 (flash), $595 (dyno tune) Retail: $590 and $895 APG: 15-20 WHP/ 10-15 lbs tq

X5 & X6 (5.0i)
Holiday Special:$1,095 (flash) Retail: $1,495 APG: 45-50 WHP/ 60-65 lbs tq

*All numbers are conservative.
No need to worry if you are outside of California, please send in your ECU and take advantage of these great holiday specials. Standard ground shipping will be FREE, for anyone wanting overnight service is an additional $50. Please schedule your appointment for a dyno tune or on-site flash tuning by PM, email or call OE Tuning direct @ 818-574-5075

Happy Holidays,
OE Tuning
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