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Hello L4Pers, I thought I'd let you all aware of the Gintani power packages available from us at OE Tuning. We decided to do something special for the L4Pers looking to modify their E9x M3's

Here are some of the options we put together for you to consider if you are in the market for some mods to get some great power out of your M3.

First and my personal favorite is the Stage 3 I worked hard to get the maximum discount out of this package. ;)

Power Pack 3 consist of:
  1. Choice of either the Gintani Race or Sport rear muffler
  2. Gintani catless X-pipe [header back to muffler]
  3. Gintani crank pulley for S65 motor
  4. AFE High performace airfilter
  5. OE Tuning custom dyno flash for all the mods included.
  6. Professional in-house installation

MSRP = $6,020
L4P special = $5,195

The gains we've seen on several customer cars with the above kit has proven gains of 60+whp on our dyno and at independent dyno sessions

Power Pack 2 consist of:
  1. Choice of either the Gintani Race or Sport rear muffler
  2. OE Tuning flash
  3. AFE High performance airfilter

MSRP = $3,150
L4P special = $2,795

The combination above is good for about 35+whp

Power Pack 1 consist of:
  1. OE tuning standard flash

MSRP = $995
L4P special = $900

This tune is good for about 22+whp

Options available:
Ceramic coating for exhaust = $300
Dual wall tips = $195
High flow cats = $495
Resonated X-pipe = $195
E-Z Flash map switcher = $450

Feel free to E-mail [email protected] or PM me with any questions

*Note: The prices above do not include sales tax.

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do you have any sound clips of the exhaust systems?
These are a few videos I found on Youtube the exhaust have a very deep sound better then any camera can capture.

Full Race exhaust no cats

Rear Muffler only. No X-pipe

Sport muffler stock cats.

Sport Muffler no Cats.
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